Pollinate Collingwood is a community-led grassroots initiative. We are a network of residents, visitors, business owners, municipal leaders, and scientists who are working together. Our mission is to take action for our essential native pollinators.

In February 2020, we were brought together by the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project. So, we gathered to discuss ways to improve native pollinator habitat in Collingwood, Ontario. Since then, we have grown considerably!

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are excited & hope you will join us! Together, we will take action to support healthy populations of Ontario’s native species! Our website is currently under construction…




The Town of Collingwood has just announced the Canopy Bees + Trees Program. Within this program local residents may help to make our community greener! New this year, the program will include residential pollinator gardens that increase pollinator habitat and access to food, in addition to the tree planting which was introduced in 2021. Collingwood residents will be provided a financial incentive in the form of rebate on the purchase of up to two trees from a recognized nursery or garden centre operation, or the materials required to establish a pollinator garden on private property. The maximum rebate per tree is 50% the cost to a maximum of $150, with two rebates per property. The rebate for a pollinator garden is also 50% of the cost to a maximum of $150, with one rebate per property.

Below are two images that outline what a native plant is and why they are important. Following that is a list of local nurseries that specialize in native plants.

This program is made possible by the very generous donation of Julie DiLorenzo who has committed $500,00 over five years to support the enhancement of Collingwood’s environmental assets.