Can You Mitigate Climate Change While you Garden? (Part 2)

By: Jessica Lehr, Director, Pollinate Collingwood If you haven’t already… check out part 1 here Now that we know that we can help to store carbon in our yards and urban parks, we can also look at how… Read More

Can you mitigate climate change while you garden?? (part 1)

By: Jessica Lehr, Director, Pollinate Collingwood Climate change is a hot topic these days, and we can easily become overwhelmed with how to play a part in reducing our impact.   Did you know that gardening with native plants… Read More

A Sweet Perspective

by: Carolyn Davies, Director: Pollinate Collingwood Bees are important. We’ve heard over and over again that bees are declining so we should do what we can to help them, right? Absolutely! Bees and other pollinators are experiencing an… Read More

Starting Native Plants from Seed – Part 2!

By: Carrington Lauzon, owner eARTh Revival and Pollinate Collingwood Director Welcome Back!! In part two of this post, we cover two methods for germination code C: cold stratification, including options for both indoor or outdoor sowing of treated… Read More

Starting Native Plants From Seed – Part 1

By Carrington Lauzon, Owner eARTh Revival & Pollinate Collingwood Director Propagating native plants can seem intimidating at first, but with the proper information and germination requirements met, seeds will have a high yield of growth. Let’s get into… Read More

Of Golden Value is the Canadian Goldenrod Plant

by Jessica Lehr, Director, Pollinate Collingwood During many of my autumn and winter rambles across fields, I come across goldenrod, Solidago canadensis, with a ball-shaped growth in the plant stem.  I often wonder about the insect that overwinters… Read More

Ramblings of an entomologist…

By: Carolyn Davies Bees pollinate flowering plants. Seems simple enough, but did you know that animal pollination is vital for the productivity of numerous crops, including most fruit, vegetables, and nuts? Their work allows for the production of… Read More

A Cross Country Move Inspired My Urgency

By: Shannon McCready (Director, Education Programs, Pollinate Collingwood) We had to get out, and we had to do it fast because roads were beginning to close down, and soon there might be no way out.  My wife and… Read More