Planning to include native Ontario plants on your property?

Whether you are just interested in adding a few pollinator plants, or looking to replace all of your exotic species, this page will help you plan!

Wildflowers are a great place to start. Try to incorporate plants that bloom at different times during the growing season for consistent nectar and pollen availability. Pollinating insects are quite diverse in both activity during the summer and the colours that attract them, so try to include different colours as well.

If you have more space, consider planting native shrubs and flowering trees, such as dogwood or willow. These plants provide important spring nectar and pollen before many wildflowers bloom.

Find native plants at these local nurseries…

eARTh Revival is a native plant nursery that is providing wildtype plants appropriate for home gardens and restoration work to improve local ecosystems. We are supplying South Georgian Bay with native plants and seeds from our ecoregion through sustainable practices. We are growing 55 types of herbaceous native plants this year!

In collaboration with eArth Revival, Greentree Gardens and Emporium is featuring Pollinate Collingwood’s native plants – just look for our logo!

Greentree is full of flowers, trees, and all things green. We have edibles for your garden and advice on how to grow. We have tropicals for your inside and outside spaces.

We are a small native plant nursery in Grey County that specializes in Ontario native plants.  Our plants are chosen for their beauty, low maintenance, and to support local pollinators like butterflies and beneficial insects (like Lacewings!). We can help you create a gorgeous garden that makes a difference!

Return of the Native: Think of it as a small boutique operation, with a varied selection of perennial species, some not easily found. All are hardy in the Huronia area. We use no pesticides or commercial fertilizers, to ensure that our plants are safe for pollinators and other insects.

More local providers of native species…

There are native plant suppliers all over Ontario. We hope that this map is complete and inclusive, but if you know of a local supplier that is not featured here, please contact us!

While you make find native plants at the big box stores, be sure to check if they have been treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. These pesticides are quite common, making up nearly 30% of all pesticides sold worldwide, and contribute to declines in a variety of wildlife including wild pollinators, birds, and fish. So far, Canada has not banned this toxin.

Resources to help you plan…